Shropshire Harmony Quire

Halifax Church Choir

"The Halifax Church Choir practising at the Ring o' Bells Inn", Thomas Farrer (Click for credits)

We meet at Lydbury North village hall, South Shropshire (SY7 8AU) from 2.00 to 5.00 usually on the fourth Sunday of every month except July, August and December. Lydbury North Village Hall has full disabled access facilities.

Remaining dates for 2024 are Sep 22, Oct 27 and Nov 24.

Singers have written music but sound files of each vocal part are available for a couple of weeks beforehand. Most of us learn from those alongside the score and use that mainly as a remnider on the day - and for pencilling in any instructions from our director. There should be an instrument playing your part.

The instrumental music is suitable for the modern equivalents of the instruments of the period - typically woodwind and bowed strings. Instruments play one of the vocal parts and often a few bars of instrumental introduction - the 'symphony'

The first meeting to try us out is free. Subscription for the year (includes an all-day workshop) is £70. Or you can pay £10 per meeting on a 'drop in' basis.

Please email shropshireharmonyquire@gmail for more information and to let us know you would like to come - and so we can let you know if we have to cancel due to tempest, flood etc.